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We develop, produce and sell a broad range of lubricants and chemical products for Automotive, Industry and Metalworking. We also cater for customer-specific requirements and provide customised solutions across all our divisions, which are developed and tested at our high-tech laboratory in Freudenstadt (Germany) by experienced specialists.

Our high-performance products reach international markets primarily under the Oest brand, but also under our customers' own labels. We offer exceptional added value thanks to the comprehensive technical services incorporated into the Oest Fluid System.


Customer satisfaction is our ultimate ambition. Achieving that ambition not only requires rapid and flexible delivery, but a comprehensive range of products for motor vehicles that consistently keeps up with the latest developments as well and includes products approved by leading automotive manufacturers.

Oest has a comprehensive range of products for first and service filling of passenger and commercial vehicles of all kinds. The very latest engine and gear oils cover the entire spectrum of performance and viscosity classes for most generations of passenger and commercial vehicles. Oestol Oldtimer oils for vintage cars are perfectly suited to vintage engines and gears that were produced with higher manufacturing tolerances. Auxiliary supplies and maintenance products for the garage round off our offering.

Key product areas

  • Engine oils
  • Gear oils

Oest ensures its products are state-of-the-art through continuous development at our in-house laboratory in Freudenstadt. While complying with common standards, Oest also flexibly implements customer-specific requirements. Naturally, always with an eye on environmental and human compatibility, as Oest is among the forerunners in the development of rapidly biodegradable lubricants. A comprehensive range of products for a vast range of applications means that Oest can supply everything you need.

Key product areas

  • Machine lubrication & maintenance
  • Industrial lubricants
  • Release agents and formwork oils
  • Bio-lubricant
Metal cutting

Oest has been an expert developer and producer of metalworking fluids for decades. Constant innovation, incorporating the latest changes in technology, law and occupational health, is the foundation for a comprehensive, modern range of products.

Our range of products covers every metal cutting application. We supply universal products and innovative multi-functional fluids with many possible applications. We develop special products for extreme requirements and challenges that cannot be solved using conventional products.

Key product areas

  • Cutting oils
  • Grinding and honing oils
  • Cooling lubricants
  • Spray mist lubricants
  • Accessories
Chipless metal forming

Forming lubricants from Oest have been a permanent fixture in the industry for more than 50 years. Our team of specialists constantly works to solve complex real-world requirements, which is essential preparation for developing innovative products that can operate continuously under the tough conditions in the industry.

Oest products for forming not only come with lubricant performance for exceptional part quality and long tool life, they also meet the requirements of the entire process chain from primary material to lubricant application and part cleaning – without compromise.

Key product areas

  • Lubricants for sheet metal forming
  • Forming lubricants for tubes and profiles
  • Forming lubricants for cold forging processes

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