Lubricants Made in Germany

Our traditional core business is the development, production and sale of lubricants. High-quality refined petroleum products – the base oils – are at the heart of our extensive range of products.


Michael Kreft and Frank Shen, who manage the Oest Trading (Shanghai) Company Limited, are building on and continuing the success story.

With its focus on quality and a diverse portfolio, the company and its experienced team is ideally positioned to further expand its market position in China.


Oest has been developing and producing lubricants since 1915. Metalworking media have been part of our range from the outset.

Today, the development and production of metalworking media for machining and forming operations are a core part of the expertise at Oest. In addition to the technical capacity perfectly adapted to each application, we place special emphasis in development on the use of environmentally and physiologically safe substances. Continuous further development and adaptation to changes in the general legal requirements, the availability of raw materials and technical progress always guarantee modern products in line with the state of the art. Our work in associations in national and international committees and our collaboration on research projects at various institutes mean that we are involved in the solutions to future requirements.

Our know-how and customer focus ensure processes are efficient and problem-free – starting with product selection that takes into account all process requirements and close support for products in use, all the way to managing all technical questions regarding the processes. Competent global support through technically experienced local partners is the basis for the successful use of Oest metalworking media all over the world.


Working with strong partners within the Group opens up a number of possibilities for Oest Trading (Shanghai) Company Limited – from the range of services to sales and logistics. Synergies in all areas mean that new market potential can be tapped very effectively.


Our high standards of quality are closely combined with environmental sustainability and transparency, which is reflected not just in our product portfolio and logistics concept, but in the overall strategic orientation of our certified company as well.

Our membership of the "United Nations Global Compact" initiative, which was founded in 1992 by UN Secretary-General Kofi Anan, highlights the importance to us of corporate social environmental responsibility. The members undertake to align their operations and strategy to 10 defined principles from the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. For more information, visit:

Contact Person

Frank Shen
12F A05
2nd Grand Gateway Center
3 Hongqiao Road
Shanghai 200030

Phone:电话: +86 4000012528
Fax:传真: +86 21 5436 2568

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